"Our animals are members of the family in their own right and so it was only natural for us to want to design furniture specifically adapted to their needs. Simple, multi-purpose items which also blend in with our homes’ interiors”.

That is why, during summer 2018, Françoise and her two sons — Franck and Eric — decided to go into partnership and founded INSTINCTIVE TENDANCE to develop their own range of furniture. Each of them contributes their own high complementary experience and skills to this team. Following 30 years in management at a major environmental group, Françoise decided to leave her job to launch the project.
Independent designer Franck is responsible for design and development, while Eric brings his expertise in terms of sales and marketing. This family-owned business is based in Landes, in the South-West of France, surrounded by the ocean and forests on one side and the mountains to the other.

" We are committed to protecting this beautiful environment and for that reason we choose our products and select our partners with the utmost care "

INSTINCTIVE TENDANCE’s products are designed with the environment in mind. This comes at a cost as they are not mass-produced. Our products are entirely made in France by craftsmen or small companies, which helps contribute to protecting local employment.

" We are extremely proud to be able to work with a Living Heritage Company, a classification which recognises the company's excellence and know-how in the cork industry "

Our raw materials are selected with care: recycled cork, fully biodegradable plant-based baize, wood from sustainably managed forests, Oeko-Tex certified fabrics sourced from a renowned French company, and others.
Franck designed this first collection of multipurpose furniture using these beautiful materials. Simple, timeless lines, that can be easily integrated into any interior. Warm materials and modern colours that even your cats and dogs will adore!